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A Message from Our Pastor

January 23, 2022

Dear People of St. Patrick Parish,

Today, we ask ourselves, if we are Baptized into Christ today in 2022. Do I really see and believe that what Jesus said in the Gospel today is real to me and I believe and follow
Jesus at His word? However, we all know that not everyone believes that Jesus has fulfilled that prophecy, but we do not give up sharing our belief with them and praying that one day they will come to know and believe.

Jesus needs all of us to help make His teachings and miracles active in our world today.
St. Paul in the Letter to the Corinthians today says: “Now you are Christ’s body, and
individually parts of it.” We all can use our voices, hands and feet, monetary resources etc. to help spread the message of Christ.

A Catholic Parish needs so many different people to work together to make the work of
Jesus real and meaningful in the geographical area of a Parish.

Priests, Deacons, School Teachers, Teacher’s Aide, ministry to children of all ages at different levels. Activities to help people especially the youth to feel a part of the universal church.

Lectors, Ushers, Choirs, Eucharistic Ministers, group to help care for the poor, the sick etc.

Secretaries, Bookkeepers, Maintenance Workers, friendly people willing to greet and
welcome all who come to God’s house.

People to use their gifts to provide opportunities for Devotional Prayer and activities, many hands can make a big difference.

Oh yes, Pastoral Councils, Finance Councils, Stewardship Committees, Knights of Columbus etc. Every voice should be heard.

Oh Lord, please let St. Patrick Catholic Church, Rodeo-Hercules go forth to fill all the pews, fill our Catholic School, Faith Formation and Youth Group, to learn how to carry on this mission.

Here we are Lord, we come to do your will and to make you better known.

God Bless,
Fr. Larry Young 
Pastor of St. Patrick Church

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Mask Mandate

FROM THE DIOCESE OF OAKLAND: In compliance with the new order issued for all Bay Area Counties, masks are required indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Masks will be required for entrance into the church, school and office for all services and meetings. For more information, go to the Contra Costa County Health. https://www.coronavirus.cchealth.org/