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A Message from Our Pastor

July 14, 2024

Dear People of St. Patrick Parish,

As we hear Jesus send out the 12 Apostles in the Gospel today, we take time to think about how that event has shaped our Christian Life today in 2024.

At whatever age we were when we were baptized our Baptism took place because Jesus sent out the Apostles so many years ago. The Priest or Deacon who baptized us was given that right because of what Jesus did.

We also reflect today about how we are living those Baptismal Promises that were made at our Baptism.

Those of you who are parents and grandparents now, have the opportunity to offer that Baptism and education in the Catholic Faith, to your family members. Perhaps enrollment in Catholic School or enrollment in the Parish Religious Education Program, and especially for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Please make this happen. Perhaps the parents may oppose it but keep praying they will change their minds and give their children this gift of Faith.

This week, July 17-21 in Indianapolis, tens of thousands of Catholics will gather to adore the Holy Eucharist of Jesus at the National Eucharistic Congress, to Pray also for the National Eucharistic Revival.

Yes, many Catholics will be there to pray, but for those of us who cannot be there, we can pray here in our local Parishes. Could you come to daily Mass at 7:30am each day and pray and receive Holy Communion?

Can you say extra prayers that Baptized Catholics who have stopped going to Holy Communion will come home to honor Jesus in Holy Communion and to allow Jesus to forgive our sins and help get through our earthly life with Him, so we can be with Him and His Father forever in heaven one day.

If America ever needed Jesus, it is now. Be proud to be a Catholic or if you are not a Catholic, but Baptized, be proud to be a Christian. And if not Baptized, please make it happen now.

God Bless,
Fr. Larry Young
Your Pastor