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Welcome to St. Patrick Catholic Church

Our Mission Statement

The Catholic Faith Community of Saint Patrick accepts the Gospel message of Jesus and seeks to fulfill the message in both words and actions
by being joy-filled people who welcome and share our faith with all who encounter us.

A Message from Our Pastor


Dear People of St. Patrick Parish & Visitors:

We are starting the third week of Lent, how are we doing with our Lenten Journey to get closer to Jesus? Trying to go to daily mass when possible. Fasting, prayer, supporting the Rice Bowl to help the poor. Praying the Stations of the Cross at least on Friday Night at St. Patrick Church at 7:30 pm.

Have we been nicer to people, trying to be good, and loving and forgiving? If we have slipped in what we were going to give up for Lent and stopped, then let’s start again. It is never too late. Oh yes, go to Reconciliation. Our Parish Penance Service will be on Monday, April 10th at 7:30 pm.

In today’s Gospel, we see how Jesus reached out to the Samaritan woman; yes she was a sinner and Jesus gave her forgiveness, hope and turned her life around. Jesus did not just talk about being good. He encouraged, reached out, and helped the woman to come to know Him, love Him and accept His love and forgiveness. Will He not do the same for us who have been baptized and started our Christian Way of Life. I hope that like the Samaritans we can say to Jesus “We have heard for ourselves and know that this is truly the Savior of the world.”

Please let us the People of St. Patrick pray for one another, for all our families and friends to be able to repeat the words of the Samaritans.

Fr. Larry Young

Pastor of St. Patrick Church

2017 Holy Week Schedule


2017 Bishop's Appeal

Bishop Michael C. Barber has chosen “All God’s People – United in Faith” as the theme for the 2017 Bishop’s Appeal. For most of us, our experience of Church is at our parish. The Church is, however, much more than that.  We are all called in mission to serve the Church and its people through our parish, our diocese and universally. At St. Patrick's, please let us all make our commitment to the 2017 Bishop’s Appeal with joy and thanksgiving to God that we can and hopefully will, reach our parish goal of $32,606.70 and with God’s help go above and beyond. 

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Men Retreat 2017

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