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A Message from Our Pastor

June 6, 2021

Dear People of St. Patrick Parish,

On this Feast of Corpus Christi – The Body of Christ, we pray and reflect upon what Jesus did for all humanity. As we celebrate this Feast we cannot help thinking of how much God the Father cares about all those people He has created.

Before Christ shed His Blood on the Cross, people took the blood from animals and threw it upon the altar of Sacrifice to make up for their sins.

Today, you and I come to the Altar of Sacrifice and in humble prayer ask for God to let the Blood of Jesus save us from our sins. The love of God the Father sent His beloved Son, Jesus to offer His life on the Cross for us and to remove our sins.

When not in a pandemic we are able to eat the Sacred Host and to drink the wine and experience both the Body and Blood of our Savior Jesus Christ. Please know that the Body and the Blood of Jesus is fully present in each host and each drop of wine.

This beautiful gift of Holy Communion is our source of strength and we need to be fully aware of what it means to go to Communion.

The Communion Antiphon today, from the Gospel of John 6:57 “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him, says the Lord.”

We, the people of St. Patrick Parish receive Holy Communion and take Jesus with us to our homes, schools, work places, community gathering, etc. We need to let Jesus help us to live our lives in union with Him. We have the opportunity to lead others to Christ, and how we act can either lead them or drive them away from the Lord.

The beautiful words from the hymn “Gift of Finest Wheat” sets the tone for our Spiritual lives.

“You satisfy the hungry heart with gifts of finest wheat. Come give to us, O Saving Lord, the Bread of life to eat.”

God Bless,
Fr. Larry Young 
Pastor of St. Patrick Church

Online Mass Reservations- Not Required

As we all continue to seek normality and places begin to open up, St. Patrick Church would like to announce that starting Memorial Day Weekend (May 29-30, 2021), we will no longer require online reservations for any Masses and the walk up communion.

Due to seating capacity restrictions still set in place, please be advised that all families may not be guaranteed seats. Seating will be on a first come, first serve basis. We will try our best to accommodate all families.

Volunteers will assist with seating and masks and social distancing are still mandated.  Hand sanitizing before entering the church is also still required.

As we continue to transition to a less restrictive tier, the St. Patrick Pastoral Staff and volunteers are working very hard to open up our Church, yet still keep our community safe for everyone. Let us all pray that soon we will all be able to come back to church at full capacity.

Online Giving – Sacrificial Offerings

Your continued support to the parish with your weekly offering is still very much needed. A link is available online to support our parish and our ministries. Your gifts help continue to serve parishioners during this time of uncertainty. Please donate at www.tinyurl.com/stpdonation. Thank you and God Bless.