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Liturgical Ministries


Liturgical Committee Mission

To support and enhance the liturgical life of the St. Patrick Community by encouraging full conscious and active participation.

Liturgy Committee Chairperson

Contact:  Fr. Larry Young |   frlarry@stpatrickrodeo.org  |  (510) 799-4406

Altar server

St. Patrick offers young Catholics an opportunity to grow in their faith and become more active in the Mass by serving as Altar Servers. Altar Servers are young people who assist the priest during Mass.

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Contact:  The Parish Office | parishoffice@stpatrickrodeo.org |  (510) 799-4406


To serve our community by sharing choral music in praise and worship God. Join with other members of choirs in practicing and serving at Mass.

Contact:  Henry Torres |  music@stpatrickrodeo.org  |(510) 724-5972

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Communion offers the Eucharist, recognize the Body of Christ in those to whom he/she offer Eucharist and ultimately he/she acts as the Body of Christ by participating in the life of the parish and the wider community.

Contact:  Joseph Narvaez |  em@stpatrickrodeo.org   |  (510) 223-4954

Extraordinary Minister to the Sick

Visit and spend more time with the homebound parishioners and bring communion every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation. Volunteers are baptized and confirmed over 18 years of age and living the catholic faith.

Contact:   Willi Sarmiento | emtothesick@stpatrickrodeo.org |  (510) 799-4406


A Lector proclaims the Word of God with faith and joy at Mass and other liturgical celebrations.  The Lector is a person of faith and humility with a good voice that God can use as His instrument.  This ministry for God and the faith community requires a commitment to dependable service at the liturgies for which you volunteer.

Contact:  The Parish Office I  parishoffice@stpatrickrodeo.org  (510) 799-4406

Mass Ministry Coordinator

Make sure all liturgical ministers (lectors and em’s) are present, if not seek replacement for ministers as needed.  Make sure all altar servers are present and ready to serve.  Make sure the altar candles are lighted.  Make sure there is someone bringing up the gifts.

Contact:  Reena Torress | ministryschedule@stpatrickrodeo.org   | (415) 244-6462


At every mass, you are responsible for setting up for both Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of the Eucharist which means preparing all the books, vessels, offertory, and incense when appropriate

Contact:  Fr. Jun Manalo I  frjun@stpatrickrodeo.org I  (510) 799-4406


Ushers handle the tasks of hospitality and administration that ensure a dignified flow of the liturgy.

Contact:  Louis Mandrigues I  usher@stpatrickrodeo.org I  (510) 724-2478